Big Bang’s Special 7th Anniversary Messages to VIPs

Seungri: „Congratulations to the 7th anniversary. BIGBANG forever!

Daesung: „VIP!!! Always the best!!“

T.O.P: „We who spent 7 years together are now like a family „

Taeyang: „Bigbang 7th anniversary, congratulations!“

G-Dragon: “ VIP!! Already 7 years?! It’s just now 7 years!!
Thank you all so much!! „


G-Dragon, 2NE1 and Lee-Hi to release Albums in March?

According to YG Entertainment, March will be a busy month for the agency as they plan to put out three albums!

We are already expecting ‘monster rookie’ ‘Lee Hi‘s album in March, but according to a statement by Yang Hyun Suk himself, there are also two more albums in store, one from G-Dragon, and one from 2NE1.

Yang Hyun Suk has directly participated in the recording process and music video filming of Lee Hi’s newest song, which he believes will be an even bigger hit than “1,2,3,4“. “Personally, I think it’s even better than ’1,2,3,4′. As one listener, it seems like when I’m highly satisfied with something, the fans also have positive responses to it as well… Lee Hi’s tone and her feel possess individuality and charm that are hard to find in other singers, and we have found a song that suits her perfectly,” he commented.

Apparently, joining Lee Hi with her March comeback will be G-Dragon with his new solo album, and 2NE1′s long-awaited comeback album. Yang Hyun Suk shared, “YG style is one in which we try to hurry as much as possible, but never so in a way that we harm the completion level of a project to meet a set date… We want to make the albums being released in March, from G-Dragon, 2NE1, as well as Lee Hi, to be ones that fans will want to keep and cherish.”

Although the agency had previously mentioned a solo album for Taeyang was getting ready for release, along with 2NE1′s album, back in 2012, it seems plans have changed for G-Dragon is said to be the one releasing a solo album in March.

The agency is also busy preparing their new girl group, as well as the solo debut of Kang Seung Yoon, and their upcoming boy group, putting a lot on their plate.

On the topic of their rookies, a representative from the agency commented, “Rookie groups are directly managed by Yang Hyun Suk for about three years. After that, he lets them be self-reliant and entrusts them with the responsibility. YG’s method is like that of a parent who protects and teaches their children, and after three years, as they become adults, lets them reach toward their dreams on their own. “

G-Dragon 2013 1st World Tour

YG Entertainment announces G-Dragons 1st World Tour.
„2013, G-DRAGON’s first world tour is finally here! The tour will take place at the Seoul Gymnastics Stadium in Korea and the three domes in Japan! What countries, what cities, and what kinds of performances will greet fans? We’re very excited!“

He don’t want to perform only in Japan, but also around the world.

Yang Hyunsuk „2NE1·Taeyang, New songs in November“

2NE1 and Big Bang’s Taeyang will both come out with new songs this coming November.

The head of YG Entertainment, one of the greatest entertainment labels in Korea, Yang Hyunsuk explained the plans of new releases of 2NE1 and Taeyang.

Yang Hyunsuk stated “2NE1 originally planned to release a new album in October but with the world tour, it is very likely for the new release to be in November instead.”

He continued “2NE1 has a recording schedule for this month” and “You will probably get to see 2NE1’s unique new songs this November.”

With the release of the single “I Love You” this past July, 2NE1 seized the music charts and showed their strength. There already is much excitement for their new album.

Taeyang, who is already well-known as a solo artist for his vocals and performance is also planned to release new songs in November.

Yang Hyunsuk stated “In Taeyang’s case, he was originally planned to release a summer solo album and promote it in the summer alongside G-Dragon” and “He finished producing his new album with American producers but he and I were not satisfied with the album so we decided not to release it.”

He continued “Taeyang is in the process of re-recording right now and in November he will release his new songs as singles,” and “as a Taeyang fan myself I have high expectations for his performances of his new solo songs.”

Yang Hyunsuk said “In October, YG artists Epik High and Lee Hayi will be releasing new songs” and “with 2NE1 and Taeyang’s planned promotions ahead, we are excited to enjoy the end of the year with fans.”