Seungri „Dear VIP“ Message for Big Bang 6th Anniversary

„Dear VIPs,it’s 6th anniversary! Always walk with me! I’m so happy to be with you! I’m going to try my best so you guys won’t be ashamed of me! What else do I need to say? I love you“


Big Bang’s G-Dragon caught Seungri downloading adult films from the internet

On the April 3rd episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, G-Dragon began to say, “This may not be surprising because it’s about Seungri, but…”

G-Dragon went on to explain that while Big Bang was in New York City to film their music videos, Seungri briefly borrowed their manager’s laptop.

“Looking at the browsing history after Seungri used the laptop, there were a lot of pornographic videos with blonde ladies in them,” G-Dragon continued. “The internet speed was so slow because we were overseas that he couldn’t even finish downloading the entire video,” he added, causing everyone to explode in laughter.

Seungri tried to come to his own defense by remarking, “I’m a huge fan of the Kia Tigers professional baseball team, and I was simply downloading clips of baseball to watch.”

(** Seungri’s trying to jokingly state that he thought the word ‘pornography’ was the abbreviated word for ‘baseball videos’ 야구 동영상 (baseball videos) / 야동 (pornography))