Taeyang: “I’m Working On My Album Now”

So, maybe the mysterious message on YG’s official blog is hinting at Taeyang’s solo album project.

On September 25, Taeyang appeared on Naver’s “GD Friends Live” and commented, “I came again on this show today. I’ve been intervening a bit during G-Dragon’s activities so I dread thinking that people might wonder if I have nothing to do.”

He went on, “In fact, I’m really busy right now. I’m currently working on my solo album.”

His fellow members, G-Dragon and Daesung cheered, “Your solo album will definitely do well.”

YG Entertainment said in a phone interview, “Now is not the right time to further discuss Taeyang’s solo album. Right now, Big Bang is currently busy holding their world tour so they would usually be abroad on the weekends. Not only Taeyang, but Big Bang is constantly working on their next album.”

The representative commented, “Since Big Bang will be busy holding their world tour til this December, if Taeyang’s album does come out it will be afterwards.”


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