G-Dragon’s mini album [One of a Kind] set to be released on September 15th!

G-Dragon’s mini album [One of a Kind] track list revealed, with “Crayon” serving as the title track.

– Jaurim, Nell, Tablo, DOK2 and other compelling musicians to be featured.

After a 3 year hiatus as a solo artist, G-Dragon will be making his comeback with a new mini-album.

One of a Kind, which is scheduled for release on September 15th contains seven tracks, of which the second track, “CRAYON” will be the title song.

“Crayon” was co-produced and co-written by G-Dragon along with YG Entertainment’s main producer Teddy. The name “Crayon” is derived from a combination of the words ‘Crazy’ + ‘G-Dragon’. As with the song’s title, “Crayon” is said to represent a version of G-Dragon, who is crazed about an unspecified thing, and is expected to showcase the Big Bang member’s unique color.

The album has building fans’ anticipation as much for G-Dragon’s personal participation in the production of all seven tracks, as well as the various artists who are featured on the album.

Raising the most interest on the track list is “Without You” which features ‘? of YG New Girl Group’. Fans are speculating that an unnamed member of YG’s upcoming female group member participated in the album following Jennie Kim‘s appearance as the female lead in G-Dragon’s “That XX” music video released just days ago.

Also making an appearance on the album is Jaurim‘s Kim Yoona, who is featured on the 5th track “Missing You” while Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan participated on the 6th track “Today”. As artists outside of YG typically have not participated on Big Bang or G-Dragon’s prior albums, fans are expecting this album to be new and exciting. In addition, the 7th bonus track titled “Light the Fire” features artists such as Tablo and underground rapper DOK2, raising the anticipation for how the artists’ and G-Dragon’s musical styles will blend on the track.

Meanwhile, “That XX” which was released just days ago has taken the #1 spot on music sites and is being noted for being the first track deemed restricted for minors, to have taken the first place spot on music charts. As a result, it is evident that G-Dragon’s music appeals not only to teens and those in their 20s, but to a wider range of age groups.

The music video for “One of a Kind” gathered over 10 million views in one week while the video for ‘That XX‘ received 3 million views in just two days after its release, and even before his official promotions, the G-Dragon has been receiving much love.

The costumes from G-Dragon’s music video are garnering much attention from people interested in fashion and the general public alike. Everyone is wondering what affect his music and fashion will have on the industry this time around.

The mini album will be released online on September 15 and will hit stores on September 18.



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