Daesung’s Soldier Older Sister Took Time Off to Help

Group Big Bang’s Daesung has explained how his older sister, who is a soldier, helped him a lot during his hard times.

On SBS „Strong Heart,“ he confessed, „I felt so awkward around this female. This female happens to be my older sister.“

He then said, „My sister and mother show me their love a lot but I find it awkward so I don’t really show it. Sometimes my sister texts me but I am too shy to read it so I ignore it.“

He also said „Last year while I was having a hard time my older sister, who is a soldier, even took time off to find me,“ showing how grateful he was.

Especially this day, Daesung shyly said „I love you,“ to his older sister through a video letter, making the atmosphere in the set very heartwarming.


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