G-Dragon, „When I look at T.O.P’s body, I think it looks erotic”

On the ‘YG Family Special‘ episode of ‘Strong Heart,’ G-Dragon revealed, “When I look at T.O.P’s body, I think it looks erotic.”

He explained, “T.O.P usually doesn’t reveal his body. It’s to the point where he uses his own dressing room. That’s why when T.O.P does reveal his body, it surprises me.” He confessed, “When we were promoting overseas, T.O.P revealed his body, and when I saw it, even though we’re both guys, I thought it looked erotic.”

G-Dragon continued on the topic of T.O.P’s body, saying, “After T.O.P works out, he comes back and asks us to feel his body. Even Taeyang and Daesung, who’ve worked out a lot, don’t ask us to do that,” which embarrassed T.O.P and had the audience and guests laughing.

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