LaurieAnn: „BigBang Has No Difference Compared to World Superstars.“

„Big Bang has no wall in music to world super stars,“ producer Laurieann Gibson says.

Laurieann Gibson, main director for Big Bang’s world tour, said that the group „has no difference compared to world super stars.“

At the press conference ahead of the first world tour ‚2012 Big Show Alive,‘ Gibson spoke about working with Big Bang. The press conference was held on March 2, at 5pm in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium where Big Bang will open their world tour.

„Although there were difficulties in language, but there was no wall in terms of music,“ Gibson said. „I’ve worked with many super stars, but I felt no difference. Big Bang has its unique and special charm.“

„I am touched by how hard they work at young age. They are the best of the best. Because they are so special, I didn’t need to change anything,“ she added.

„Personally, G-Dragon and Top are outstanding on stage. Seung Ri is young but has a strong attraction. Dae Sung is passionate. TaeYang reminded me of Michael Jackson. I was touched by they didn’t get upset even once when they were made to work hard.“

T.O.P said about Gibson, „I saw that she practiced so much even before meeting us up to a point where she was able to play our music without the sheet music. I learned about the professionalism we need to show when we go overseas.“

SeungRi said, „I worked harder not wanting to lose to the passion shown by Laurieann. With the experience of working with world musicians, she taught us a lot. Through that, I think we could perform with a step upgraded.“

The concert, prepared in collaboration with the world concert directing company Live Nation, will be held at the Gymnastic Stadium from March 2 to 4, together with 39 thousand people.

Laurieann Gibson has most recently directed Lady Gaga’s ‚The Monter Ball Tour‘ and has been working with Big Bang members to draw the picture of the world tour.

More crews in the team are: the stage/light designer Leroy Bennett who worked with Madonna, concert sound director Ken Van Druten who was in charge of Eminem’s concert, and visual contents producer team Possible Production that produced amazing visual for Kanye West.


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