Big Show’s Graphic Designer Eric Auzenne Talks About Big Bang

About TOP:
♛haha I’ve changed my opinion on TOP. I still don’t think he’s a great dancer, but definitely a skilled rapper and marketable
♛Yeah he’s grown on me. A real marketable guy, ladies man, and a real good rapper even though I don;t understand him. he has swag
♛As long as he TOP can rap, in my eyes he doesn’t need to dance great. I just got the wrong impression seeing him the first time
♛Yes he is [talented]. And seeing him advertising so many things in Korea, I can’t help but to give credit where it’s due
♛I’ve watched him during rehearsals and last night on stage. All the ladies love him. That’s his role in the group

About GD:
GD is a great dancer. Not a fan of the hair piece, but other than that he is a true entertainer.

About Dae:
Dae is a good singer. He doesn’t stand out as much as the others though. He’s a case of Good at everything, great at nothing

About Seungri:
Seungri is a cool dude. He shows love to the production staff every night. That’s what keeps us going

About Taeyang:
Taeyang killed that dance with the dragon. I’m not a fan of dubstep at all, but the dance to that song was wild

Honestly, I like the group. At first I was dismissive, but being around them and seeing them close up, they are pretty dope.
Dismissive because they are a boy band. I heard enough of boy bands growing up in the 90’s. But these guys are better

Note: This is a twitter conversation between @graine_alien and Eric. Special thanks to @graine_alien. for sharing! For more of Eric’s conversation with the fans please visit his twitter @Eric_Auzenne.


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