Mystery shrouds G-Dragon’s marijuana case

Recently, a marijuana specialist answered some questions surrounding G-Dragon‘s mysterious drug case.

On October 8th, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ featured a thorough investigation of the idol’s recent marijuana controversy.

As many of you already know, it was reported that G-Dragon admitted to smoking marijuana in Japan back in May. In July, a drug test of his hair came out positive for the presence of the drug. Considering that it was the idol’s first offense, and only a tiny amount of the drug was detected, the prosecution decided to “suspend indictment“.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor Office explained, “Taking into account that G-Dragon is a college student and a first-time offender, we decided not to indict him.” The prosecutor acknowledges G-Dragon’s criminal charges, but will not bring him to court for a trial due to many factors such as: age, criminal motive, and remorse.

However, Jeon Gyung Soo, the former director of the Korean Police Narcotics Bureau stated, “It’s really rare for a hair drug test to come out positive just because a couple puffs of marijuana.”

Netizens have also been speculating that there was an ulterior motive behind G-Dragon’s shaved haircut. However, YG entertainment asserted that there is nothing to it, particularly since he cut his hair long after the testing.

Netizens have had mixed reactions such as, “I don’t know what’s going on, but it is true that G-Dragon did wrong. He should formally apologize and self-reflect on his actions“, “I was really anticipating his comeback. He should make a formal apology for his reputation“, and “Yes, it does seem strange that the hair drug test came out positive if he only took a few puffs“.


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