Taeyang’s brother,Dong Hyun Bae makes his debut in a drama

Dong Hyun Bae(Taeyang’s brother) has taken part in a drama of TvN, ‚Flower Boys, Casting oh! Boy‘ .

The drama will be shown on TvN in the first half of the next year. The story is about what happens to a band of a high school which tries to cast new members for their team.

Dong Hyun Bae does not only look as charming as his brother does but he is also an intelligent and talented performer. Having pursued a degree of acting, Dong Hyun Bae has shown his potential as ac actor in the film,’Transformation Story‘ and he shows that he is advancing to be a successful actor step by step.

Meanwhile, the video showing his starring in the drama will be broadcasted at midnight of 3rd of October.


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