Daesung ist „unschuldig“

Sorry im Moment geht es mir gesundheitlich nicht gut. Deswegen verbringe ich nicht viel Zeit vorm Laptop und poste nur das wichtigste und leider nur in Englisch. :S

After leaving the public shocked and concerned for months, a jury last week found Big Bang singer Daesung not guilty of the death of a motorcyclist who died from a car accident he was involved in.

“All nine members of a grand jury agreed on no prosecution at a hearing on August 25,” prosecutor Lee Seung-hyun told 10Asia over the phone on Monday.

He then explained, “There is not enough evidence to show that the motorcyclist was alive before getting hit by Daesung and we cannot rule out the possibility he died from hitting his head on a streetlamp beforehand.”
“Also, we recognize that Daesung did not drive at a safe distance and he was negligent in his responsibility to look ahead of him but it is difficult to acknowledge the link between the two… We decided on not guilty according to the legal maxim ‘When in doubt, in favor of the accused,” he added.

The verdict comes as a relief to many since the 22-year-old singer, a member of his popular quintet, has been widely recognized by both the young and old for his cheerful and friendly disposition, mild manners, courteous attitude.

Just two months ago, police had sought an indictment of the idol star whom they said was partially responsible for the death of the motorcyclist who was on the ground after driving under the heavy influence of alcohol and falling off his bike after colliding into a streetlight on which he hit his head.

Daesung had failed to notice that the motorcyclist, identified only by his last name Hyun, was laying on the road from an accident, and ran over him as well as hitting a taxi driver who was checking on Hyun.

The case can now be considered closed since Daesung also reached a settlement with the family of the bereaved last month.

credit: 10.asiae.co.kr


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