Nachricht von GD an V.I.Ps

Übersetzung: (Sry, dass es nur in Englisch ist)

Hello VIP ^^
It’s been a long time… how are you guys doing? I supposed to write letters more often but I only kept saying it, sorry…
A little bit more and it’s Bigbang 5 years anniversary, and my birthday is coming closer also.
First, I’d like to say thanks for those who congratulates and share the excitement with me~ thank you so much!
If I think about it again, I always get so much love and congratulatory message in my birthday… But this year, to celebrate my birthday and our 5 years anniversary I’m thinking about doing something good that has deep meaning…and here I am trying to write this letter with such ugly handwriting and a shy heart.
I know about our kind fans who have been doing good deeds like an angel in our names (seems like I meet the fans very well?! Ke~)
But this time I want to repay all of you fans under the name VIPs!
That’s why this time I have a favor I need to ask from you.
In my birthday this time, I will not accept any kind of presents respectfully.
I’m happy with all of you lovelies heart, so just give me many congratulations!~ ^^
In the future also, I hope it will be the day where we can share meaningful time and make memories…and now I have to say my last farewell with a happy heart~
I don’t wanna be without you VIP~
I’ll work hard to show you cool and mature image as Bigbang’s leader and G-Dragon!
So, be healthy in this hot weather~ don’t cheat!


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